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05/13/2005 ” *whistles innocently* “

Before I sign off here and start my day…. I just HAVE to tell you guys….

I just IM’ed with one of our angels. AND not only did I have the coolest convo with him…

I got to see his picture too! *wipes drool from chin* Oh my! Ladies! We have an absolute doll baby in our membership!!!!!!

Man, getting to be my age is pure heck…lol

Seriously, thanks hon! You are an awesome friend!

Love and Hugs,

Where ever you go…go with all of your heart!!
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Feel free to skip this if you’re not a neopets player

My gallery "civilizations" was frozen earlier tonight when I was posting on the chat boards looking for an item to buy..i can’t explain what happened because i don’t know.. all i know is that i was logged out and couldn’t sign in again because of that horrible page with the chia police on it accusing me of foul language!!..I have put more than 100k into that gallery in 1 week .. what i’m really feeling bad about is not the 100k .. it’s the fact that someone else might be in trouble because of me – a really nice person..well i hope not because i won’t be able to forgive myself..and now iam scared of typing ANY word anywhere on the site..anyway i just got a neomail from her saying everything will be alright so iam glad ^_^ i won’t make this gallery again..or maybe i will…I better save my np’s for now & study for my exam


Warning : If you are not a Neopets player..you won’t understand anything in this entry..but you’re welcome to read it anyway!



I’ve been playin Meepit Juice Break ALL weekend to get the Meepit Avatar (it’d be my 100th avatar) .. and FINALLY after LITERALLY burning my brain & arm feeding these retarded critters their stupid buttwipe juice .. i got the required score of 3500+ (3501 to be exact) .. i clicked "send score" only to get this message :

problems processing your score!for best result close the pop up window and re-open it to restart your game!

I WAS soooooooooooo Furious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…so i used a transmogrification potion to change my pretty uni "biso" into a mutant lenny .. earning myself the "mutant" avatar & un-leashing a new terror upon Adam, Donna & the whole TNT (the neopets team) .. and of course.. those horrible fu*king damned ugly meepits!!…

biso’s flesh twists and turns, and they starts to mutate hideously!!

Something Has Happened!
You are now eligible to use ‘Mutant JubJub’ as an avatar on the NeoBoards!

Below are pics of the Error message .. the Meepit avatar .. & Biso attacking a stupid meepit!…