White Noise

White Noise 

here’s a quick review : Jonathan Rivers’ wife,Anna,the famous writer, disappears tragically.After about a month,he gets a mysterious visit from a man named Raymond who claims Anna is dead & is contacting him from the other side through EVP.Soon after,Anna’s body is discovered in a lake and Jon is devastated for 6 months.After a few strange incidents he decides to pay that man a visit & meets Sarah,whose dead fiancee been contacting her for a while too.Raymond’s been recording EVP messages for many many years,an obsessive hobby of sorts.Jon succeeds in contacting Anna & becomes obsessed himself..starts listening,watching & recording – trying to help other people..not knowing that the messages received are not always good,and that the dead are not all nice..until he contacts something very..disturbing & un-welcomed..

My Rating : 7/10

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