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I just moved this blog from MSN Spaces to WordPress , for nostalgia reasons only. I won’t be updating it anymore. If you’re a friend of mine, you’ll know where to find me.

Cheers 🙂

My Celebrity Look-Alikes xD


Spyware Craze

Ok, so I went to one of the websites I usually frequent and requested a video feed of a surgical procedure .. a Windows Media Player pop-on opened and asked me to download a certain file for it to run the video .. Suspecting nothing, I clicked Ok and it downloaded normally like any other legal Microsoft operation .. until the end when my Anti virus said I have a Trojan .. and Internet Explorer opened automatically to a website called "asecuritydesk" with lots of "antivirus" and "antispyware" info and links, and a message came to say "you have a virus that’s highly destructive" we recommend you download our "spywarewiped" program.I thought it was a legitimate threat and downloaded this program. When it ran and scanned my computer, it showed a couple harmless cookies but nothing more. When i clicked to remove them, it asked me to register my email and credit card number in order to buy this program and make it fully functional. Of course i didn’t & uninstalled it, but it stayed in my Registry and couldn’t be removed. I ran my Ad-Aware SE which showed I have a program called "download.trojan.zoped" plus "spywarewiped". I clicked to remove them. Ad-Aware said it did but in reality it couldn’t!! They turned up in the next scan. (by the way my anti virus showed nothing, because it’s not a virus, it’s a spyware program). In the meantime, I was getting Icon Tray messages each 5 minutes that looked exactly like those of Windows XP (the yellow "attention" triangle) telling me I have a virus and I better download "this" program or "that" .. and even got a message telling me my Windows Firewall was off .. and I clicked it to see the same programs "Golden Antivirus" .. "PestRemove" .. and something else .. which means it invaded my Control Panel security page !!! but when i went to the real Control Panel .. the Firewall was functioning normally. They were all hoaxes. Every time I opened Internet Explorer, I got the same page "asecuritydesk" with the same download message, and when I went to Cnet.com to look for anti-spyware programs, this damned Spyware closed it down! so i switched to Firefox and it worked fine. On a website called "Anti Spyware 101" .. i learnt that "spywarewiped" is a rogue program which tricks you into thinking it’s an anti-spyware program while in reality it just steals your info and downloads trojans to your system. Anyway, Cnet said SpyWare Doctor was the best Anti-Spyware but you have to buy it for it to remove the spyware. However, Google Pack offers a Starter Kit Version of it which actually does 80% of the paid version. I downloaded it (18 MB) .. and when it scanned my computer it discovered 269 infections, including the previously-mentioned ones "download.trojan.zoped" (which is a program that disguises itself as a media enhancer .. so it’s the one i downladed first) .. in addition to "spywarewiped" and about 5 or 6 other similar ones like "SpywareNo" .. "SpyHeal" .. all of which were downloded autimatically by that pesky program in the beginning. Spyware Doctor removed them, I restarted my PC and it’s back to normal ..Spy Doctor runs on your System Tray next to the Antivirus and keeps real-time guardOn for your Computer. It slows the process of starting up, however .. but that’s not a bad thing when u know you’re protected.

And that’s the end of my ordeal. Luckily i got through it with nothing but this emotional shock and blog entry..so please everybody .. be careful !!!.. It took me about 5 hours to fix this problem and wasted a whole night of planned studying ..!! Stay Safe and Be Careful !!!

The 20-hour Marathon

It all started at 4 am yesterday morning .. a 4 hr bus ride to the capital Vilnius to legalize some papers in the ministry of foreign affairs .. i got there at 8:20 .. tried to call some guys who know the way there .. ‘cuz u gotta walk a bit, then change 2 buses to get there, but nobody answered, so i got a cab .. naturally he charged me triple .. Vilnius cabs are known to be robbers, esp. with foreigners.. it was only 10 min .. but it costed me more than a roundtrip around the city .. anyways i got to the ministry at 8"30 , waited them to open at 9:00 by having a coffee and a sandwich.. the papers were to be ready at noon so I walked around the city center .. went to some historic places .. met an Italian tourist who made me take loads of pix of him EVERYWHERE .. in every park and infront of every statue .. lol .. "pleeeze amigo justa onna more photo ofa meee" .. by 10:30 i was really tired so i called a friend who works in Adidas, but she was busy until noon .. so I went with the italian to have a beer .. He only talked about how pretty Lithuanian girls are .. etc .. etc .. asking me how much booty I get .. which clubs have the best girls .. bla bla bla ..  
At noon i got my papers and met my friend for lunch, she had only 1 hour .. but it was enough .. the Italian wanted to come with me but I told him .. i’m sorry man ..! it’s time for our fellowship to break ..! well.. then while having lunch, the first drops of rain started to fall down, and then it became a shower, with thunder !!.. it was scary!.. I called another friend but he was out of town and won’t come back until 2 pm .. and she couldn’t wait for him to come pick us up and drop her off at Adidas, so she called a cab while i waited for him .. we went to a mall to hide from the rain .. but we were soaked the minute we got down from the car to run to the mall’s entrance .. it was running rivers then .. we had a beer and played some pool ..
At 3"30 pm the rain stopped and he took me to the bus station where I had to go to another city, Kaunas, where I lived and studied for the past 6 yrs, and all my friends still live there. I had to fax some papers to my dad (I didn’t know anywhere in Vilnius where I could do that) .. and give them to my friend ‘cuz the y need some further work at the embassy and he’s collecting everyone’s papers so we can send them together ..
The ride to Kaunas was 1 hr and a half .. i got there at 5 pm .. went directly to the netcafe near the bus station.. faxed my dad .. my friend met me there.. he took the papers.. I met another friend for coffee until 8 pm where my bus back to Klaipeda was leaving ..
I got to Klaipeda at 11 pm .. bought a couple of Shawermas and headed home .. it’s really near so i walked while i ate ,, i got to my flat at 11:30 pm ending a 20-hr Marathon run .. my feet were sore, my back was on fire, my head was throbbing .. i just wanted to take a shower and sleeeeeeeeep .. which i did .. i woke up a couple hours ago (i slept from midnight last night to 9 pm this evening lol) ^^


ah .. well i was just thinking that my space URL name is crap .. nothing cool or original .. i mean, i could have named it after one of the million twisted things in my deranged, fucked-up imagination .. but I ended up naming it after myself & my year of birth .. GAAAH !! .. and u can’t change it either .. ya I can delete it & create a new one .. but why bother ?…

Ok whatever .. 11:30 pm on Tuesday night isn’t the best time to write an entry .. i prefer to write on Sandaes after the hang-over – is – over

Do you know the TV programme "FREAKS" ?… THIS IS SICK MAN !!!!!

>> by the way , Forensic medicine is interesting


i have re-thought about it..well..usually it’s easier to take a rest in the beginning of the road..when you get to the middle or the end..you either push harder or just give up entirely..you already achieved something..it’s how willing you are to finish your quest..not all people do..many are satisfied with the "little" they did.. i’ve always been a competitive person..in school..in sports..in contests..but my competition was against myself..i never thought about the others around me..and i have excelled..but now i realize that i should take a look around as well and get inspiration from others..those who are better than me should motivate me to improve and those who are worse should motivate me not to get lazy..BUT..BUT..sometimes I lose this "ambition"..and I don’t know how to get it back .. i guess this is where "He" comes in..right?!..Also,when you do your best you are APT to succeed.If you don’t,then there’s a reason.."He" wants to test your patience..our whole life in a test!

A Question

No one listens…

" a philosophical question "


>>what do you do when you cant go on any further? do you dig deeper into yourself to discover how deep you really are or you just lie down and rest?..i think rest is good but will you be able/or wanting to get up an walk again?..is there anything called second chances in life? (or third..or fourth..?)




Floating Faerie

05/13/2005 " Re: a philosophical question "

rare incidences there are second chances, but not in the way we might think. Maybe in life with a love gone wrong or job, then there are sometimes second chances at redeeming oneself. I feel you must chose wisely as you might not get that chance you want in life. Whatever it might be. Life is always full of choices and pathways. Sometimes the road we chose is not a smooth ride, but a bumpy one. We can still make the best of what we chose. Look to it as a learning experience. I don’t beleive I could ever sit around idol and be complacent to what is occuring around me. I am very active in all aspects of my life. I feel with that you have more options in growth.
Sorry, could not resist saying something to this.
Hugs to all!
Gina ^j^

I Love Angels


Just Crazy Enough

05/13/2005 " Re: a philosophical question "

This is a very difficult question indeed, and probably a lot of answers would be directly linked to a persons spirituality. My opinion is that we are not coming or going in life, and that it is good just to exist, and focus on the positive things, and to love and be loved by the people in our lives. Day to day we age and move on, and one end is always another beginning, no matter what the situation. We should learn from every experience good or bad, and try not to look toooo deep within ourselves, because then you miss the truth that is all around you. Just try to make life as simple as possible, while following your dreams and your heart, because we only get this ONE life, and when the days pass, you can’t get them back, but everyday you are alive is another chance, it is up to us to see it and sieze the day!

I hope this didn’t sound corny!

The Road To Salvation Lies In Our Hearts…


Have you seen me?

05/13/2005 " Re: a philosophical question "

Dig deeper. What doesn’t kill us in life will only make us stronger and it’s important to always reflect…it helps you grow.

Like the roots of a flower, they need to grow deeper into the earth in order to grow taller towards the sun.

Life is Nothing more than a Symphony of Motions and it is us Who Must Find the Right Dance…



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