Spyware Craze

Ok, so I went to one of the websites I usually frequent and requested a video feed of a surgical procedure .. a Windows Media Player pop-on opened and asked me to download a certain file for it to run the video .. Suspecting nothing, I clicked Ok and it downloaded normally like any other legal Microsoft operation .. until the end when my Anti virus said I have a Trojan .. and Internet Explorer opened automatically to a website called "asecuritydesk" with lots of "antivirus" and "antispyware" info and links, and a message came to say "you have a virus that’s highly destructive" we recommend you download our "spywarewiped" program.I thought it was a legitimate threat and downloaded this program. When it ran and scanned my computer, it showed a couple harmless cookies but nothing more. When i clicked to remove them, it asked me to register my email and credit card number in order to buy this program and make it fully functional. Of course i didn’t & uninstalled it, but it stayed in my Registry and couldn’t be removed. I ran my Ad-Aware SE which showed I have a program called "download.trojan.zoped" plus "spywarewiped". I clicked to remove them. Ad-Aware said it did but in reality it couldn’t!! They turned up in the next scan. (by the way my anti virus showed nothing, because it’s not a virus, it’s a spyware program). In the meantime, I was getting Icon Tray messages each 5 minutes that looked exactly like those of Windows XP (the yellow "attention" triangle) telling me I have a virus and I better download "this" program or "that" .. and even got a message telling me my Windows Firewall was off .. and I clicked it to see the same programs "Golden Antivirus" .. "PestRemove" .. and something else .. which means it invaded my Control Panel security page !!! but when i went to the real Control Panel .. the Firewall was functioning normally. They were all hoaxes. Every time I opened Internet Explorer, I got the same page "asecuritydesk" with the same download message, and when I went to Cnet.com to look for anti-spyware programs, this damned Spyware closed it down! so i switched to Firefox and it worked fine. On a website called "Anti Spyware 101" .. i learnt that "spywarewiped" is a rogue program which tricks you into thinking it’s an anti-spyware program while in reality it just steals your info and downloads trojans to your system. Anyway, Cnet said SpyWare Doctor was the best Anti-Spyware but you have to buy it for it to remove the spyware. However, Google Pack offers a Starter Kit Version of it which actually does 80% of the paid version. I downloaded it (18 MB) .. and when it scanned my computer it discovered 269 infections, including the previously-mentioned ones "download.trojan.zoped" (which is a program that disguises itself as a media enhancer .. so it’s the one i downladed first) .. in addition to "spywarewiped" and about 5 or 6 other similar ones like "SpywareNo" .. "SpyHeal" .. all of which were downloded autimatically by that pesky program in the beginning. Spyware Doctor removed them, I restarted my PC and it’s back to normal ..Spy Doctor runs on your System Tray next to the Antivirus and keeps real-time guardOn for your Computer. It slows the process of starting up, however .. but that’s not a bad thing when u know you’re protected.

And that’s the end of my ordeal. Luckily i got through it with nothing but this emotional shock and blog entry..so please everybody .. be careful !!!.. It took me about 5 hours to fix this problem and wasted a whole night of planned studying ..!! Stay Safe and Be Careful !!!

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