The 20-hour Marathon

It all started at 4 am yesterday morning .. a 4 hr bus ride to the capital Vilnius to legalize some papers in the ministry of foreign affairs .. i got there at 8:20 .. tried to call some guys who know the way there .. ‘cuz u gotta walk a bit, then change 2 buses to get there, but nobody answered, so i got a cab .. naturally he charged me triple .. Vilnius cabs are known to be robbers, esp. with foreigners.. it was only 10 min .. but it costed me more than a roundtrip around the city .. anyways i got to the ministry at 8"30 , waited them to open at 9:00 by having a coffee and a sandwich.. the papers were to be ready at noon so I walked around the city center .. went to some historic places .. met an Italian tourist who made me take loads of pix of him EVERYWHERE .. in every park and infront of every statue .. lol .. "pleeeze amigo justa onna more photo ofa meee" .. by 10:30 i was really tired so i called a friend who works in Adidas, but she was busy until noon .. so I went with the italian to have a beer .. He only talked about how pretty Lithuanian girls are .. etc .. etc .. asking me how much booty I get .. which clubs have the best girls .. bla bla bla ..  
At noon i got my papers and met my friend for lunch, she had only 1 hour .. but it was enough .. the Italian wanted to come with me but I told him .. i’m sorry man ..! it’s time for our fellowship to break ..! well.. then while having lunch, the first drops of rain started to fall down, and then it became a shower, with thunder !!.. it was scary!.. I called another friend but he was out of town and won’t come back until 2 pm .. and she couldn’t wait for him to come pick us up and drop her off at Adidas, so she called a cab while i waited for him .. we went to a mall to hide from the rain .. but we were soaked the minute we got down from the car to run to the mall’s entrance .. it was running rivers then .. we had a beer and played some pool ..
At 3"30 pm the rain stopped and he took me to the bus station where I had to go to another city, Kaunas, where I lived and studied for the past 6 yrs, and all my friends still live there. I had to fax some papers to my dad (I didn’t know anywhere in Vilnius where I could do that) .. and give them to my friend ‘cuz the y need some further work at the embassy and he’s collecting everyone’s papers so we can send them together ..
The ride to Kaunas was 1 hr and a half .. i got there at 5 pm .. went directly to the netcafe near the bus station.. faxed my dad .. my friend met me there.. he took the papers.. I met another friend for coffee until 8 pm where my bus back to Klaipeda was leaving ..
I got to Klaipeda at 11 pm .. bought a couple of Shawermas and headed home .. it’s really near so i walked while i ate ,, i got to my flat at 11:30 pm ending a 20-hr Marathon run .. my feet were sore, my back was on fire, my head was throbbing .. i just wanted to take a shower and sleeeeeeeeep .. which i did .. i woke up a couple hours ago (i slept from midnight last night to 9 pm this evening lol) ^^

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Shannon
    May 25, 2006 @ 01:26:56

    lol! Go go go Abbasito!
    Well, you certainly know your way around that place I\’m guessing now? lol…
    That sounds like fun, \’cept for the aftermath of pain.


  2. Baher
    Jun 04, 2006 @ 19:55:17

    ya m3attar ya boss


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