i have re-thought about it..well..usually it’s easier to take a rest in the beginning of the road..when you get to the middle or the either push harder or just give up already achieved’s how willing you are to finish your quest..not all people do..many are satisfied with the "little" they did.. i’ve always been a competitive contests..but my competition was against myself..i never thought about the others around me..and i have excelled..but now i realize that i should take a look around as well and get inspiration from others..those who are better than me should motivate me to improve and those who are worse should motivate me not to get lazy..BUT..BUT..sometimes I lose this "ambition"..and I don’t know how to get it back .. i guess this is where "He" comes in..right?!..Also,when you do your best you are APT to succeed.If you don’t,then there’s a reason.."He" wants to test your patience..our whole life in a test!

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