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" a philosophical question "


>>what do you do when you cant go on any further? do you dig deeper into yourself to discover how deep you really are or you just lie down and rest?..i think rest is good but will you be able/or wanting to get up an walk again?..is there anything called second chances in life? (or third..or fourth..?)




Floating Faerie

05/13/2005 " Re: a philosophical question "

rare incidences there are second chances, but not in the way we might think. Maybe in life with a love gone wrong or job, then there are sometimes second chances at redeeming oneself. I feel you must chose wisely as you might not get that chance you want in life. Whatever it might be. Life is always full of choices and pathways. Sometimes the road we chose is not a smooth ride, but a bumpy one. We can still make the best of what we chose. Look to it as a learning experience. I don’t beleive I could ever sit around idol and be complacent to what is occuring around me. I am very active in all aspects of my life. I feel with that you have more options in growth.
Sorry, could not resist saying something to this.
Hugs to all!
Gina ^j^

I Love Angels


Just Crazy Enough

05/13/2005 " Re: a philosophical question "

This is a very difficult question indeed, and probably a lot of answers would be directly linked to a persons spirituality. My opinion is that we are not coming or going in life, and that it is good just to exist, and focus on the positive things, and to love and be loved by the people in our lives. Day to day we age and move on, and one end is always another beginning, no matter what the situation. We should learn from every experience good or bad, and try not to look toooo deep within ourselves, because then you miss the truth that is all around you. Just try to make life as simple as possible, while following your dreams and your heart, because we only get this ONE life, and when the days pass, you can’t get them back, but everyday you are alive is another chance, it is up to us to see it and sieze the day!

I hope this didn’t sound corny!

The Road To Salvation Lies In Our Hearts…


Have you seen me?

05/13/2005 " Re: a philosophical question "

Dig deeper. What doesn’t kill us in life will only make us stronger and it’s important to always reflect…it helps you grow.

Like the roots of a flower, they need to grow deeper into the earth in order to grow taller towards the sun.

Life is Nothing more than a Symphony of Motions and it is us Who Must Find the Right Dance…



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