Epic Entry

Last night was crazy !

First .. Omid 16B was playing in Exit ! I had to go .. and i went at 11 .. early for me .. i never go before midnight .. but I wanted to have as much fun as I could ..

well i was drunk by midnight .. I met up with some friends that I haven’t seen in a while – Orangina , China (she’s adorable..) , Kate , Erika … Armando was there too [and some other guys I know, and there was this Nigerian – nice guy…you don’t see Africans often here in Kaunas – he said he talked to me in another club a couple of months ago but ofcourse I’m usually too drunk to remember anything – yeah and there was this guy (Indian – I think) – he was checking out the girls but when I came in and they all turned to me to say hi – hugging and kissing – i saw him looking at me and a-sploding LoL … I liked that feeling – he left very soon after] and of course … the one I was hoping to see – Evelina … I like this girl a lot … I met her about a month ago but we didn’t have the chance to go out … yesterday she was looking great … and she said she broke up with her guy … i was like … oh i’m sorry … but inside i was dancing LoL … she was like … dude it’s okay … so … yeah … I’m definitely calling her later ! and i thought they’re giving out 16B’s new CD for free but they didn’t >=(

Things started to go down at about 4 am … I was talking to some people who were sitting on the ground (yeah u can do that in Exit) and they invited me to sit down with them .. as i did so , my jeans were torn up – khhhhzzzzzttt … he he … luckily no one noticed and It didn’t show – but for me it was embaressing … then this girl with the English accent (Inga) asked me to go upstairs with her so I did & I sprained my ankle by making a wrong step – the pain was enormous & I stood there – out of breath & I started sweating – so a bouncer came over to help me out cuz i couldnt walk & i went home T_T 

When I got home i went up to my flat – I could barely walk … I opened the door , went inside , turned on the light – but it won’t turn on … I was like – shit ! it’s not the time for the hallway light to burn out – esp. that i can’t change it on my own .. it’s high and has this glass bulb around it which is really tight & i hate climbing ladders or anything high … so i went to my living room only to discover that the whole flat has no electricity … now it was about 5 am … I was really drunk … so I went out to check the meter but it was fine … there was no mass or anything … the neighbors’ clocks were working though .. anyway i went back inside and then decided to go back out (for no reason) but I locked the door and forgot where i put the keys … then I thought they’re in my jacket but I coulldn’t find it … in the end I was like okay .. this is all a bad dream .. im locked inside my flat so I must find the keys but maybe they’re outside but they can’t be outside ‘cuz i locked it !!!! and i was scared ( i’m scared of the dark ) so I decided to sleep and leave everything till morning … but then I used my mobile for some light and I found out I put the keys in the drawer of my hallway mirror while getting the key to the electricity meter!..ha ha don’t ask…and then I found I put my jacket in the bathroom – which I don’t remember going into in the first place (don’t ask) .. so anyway i went to sleep & i was woken up at 9 … my neighbors who live downstairs also had no electricity … well all the apartments on MY half of the building had a powercut … and the bitch was blaming ME for it because I had 3 devices in one socket … I was still drunk so I told her – listen .. you always blame me for everything (she once came and claimed there’s water leaking from my flat on her ceiling but it wasn’t true .. her pipes were broken) – I know it’s an old building but back home I live in a 100-year old house (not true – barely 30 LoL but sometimes you need to do that) & our electricity is fine – I only plug the TV , stereo & PC and when I’m out – I turn all of them off so it’s obviously not my fault – go see who plugged something like a fridge and blew out the power – plus those extension cords have 6 holes in them so people can use them … anyway she shut up and left and about 10 minutes later the power came back – but she made me nervous & I had a headache (it might have been a hangover as well) so I slept again – woke up at noon – i was feeling really sick – so I went back to sleep – woke up at 9 pm…

Well tomorrow I’m having classes again (forensic medicine) – I miss going to classes (actually I miss "missing classes" LoL)

>> Lyk oNg Tiff stolded my last entry thinking I wouldn’t know LoL (j/k) I stoldeded it from someone else as well – Ha Ha Ha … check out t3h Scr33N1e !

I also made some webcam pix last night b4 going to the club – It’s been ages since I did that because I didn’t like my hair before (ok that sounded kinda gayish)…well what can I say – I’m a cam whore…

End of Epic Entry  

if you didn’t fall asleep reading this – here’s something for you             

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