like .. a poem

i was reading an article on the internet and the following words caught my attention "dead without death" and it influenced me to write the following …

when things gets hard

and you have no choice

there’s no way out

except by dying

but you don’t know how

and you die trying to die

then you realize

you’re already dead

dead without death


when you live your best days with someone

with nothing and no one comparing to your love

because it’s perfect..





but suddenly

without even realizing 

you find yourself alone

without this someone

with no reason or explanation

you’re dead without death


when you wake up everyday

asking yourself who am I and what am I doing here?

and you can’t find an answer

but you still get up anyway

you eat .. drink .. study .. work .. sleep

then you wake up the next day

asking yourself the same question

but still you get up anyway

then you know

you’re dead without death


when you sit with the crowd

listening silently to all the mindless blabber

"i did this" .. "i ate that" .. "listen to my joke"

you’re lost in your own thoughts

you feel strange .. alone and desolate ..

you get bored

counting the seconds to leave

and be alone

but when you do

your own thoughts become a heavy burden

and you long for someone to talk to

you’re dead without death



There’s someone dwelling amongst you

dead at heart

dead at soul

but yet still alive

that person is me

Dead without death

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