At Last .. TV !!

 Finally, 2 months after it a-sploded, i decided it was time to fix my TV  so yesterday, I called the repairman who happens to work just next door, he came over & helped me take the TV down to his shop. Well – going down 5 floors was okay but my hands got very sweaty & my back started to hurt a bit. Today he called me and said it’s ready, and offered to help me carry it back..but believe it or not..I was out of breath 1 minute later and my arm cramped !.. I could barely hold it & I lost grip a couple of times…God! I’m so out of shape!!!…I remember when I bought it 5 years ago, I carried it up on my own like a cardboard box! he had to carry it up all 5 floors (yeah there’s no elevator) almost by himself ! i was supporting it a bit but not really holding it ! I’m so out of shape!    anyway i tipped him a couple $ extra!

It costed me about 30$ (that’s 1/3 of the price i’m intending to sell it at) but it works .. and when i switched it on .. the first thing i saw was .. ZEIN VERGI !…yeah the CNN anchor .. I forgot how pretty this woman is  LoL !

   I’m off to enjoy my TV   

>> Attached is a pic of the view outside my kitchen window – I just love spring rain! it makes everything look greener , fresher & livelier ! 

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