more ranting…

My dad called me last night while I was sleeping wasn’t late or anyhing i just crashed early after the Freezing incident! anyway he was like – Listen I got 1 minute left on this card after i last called you so i just want to say hi & we have to talk like in "Question pour un Champion" (a french quiz program where you have to press the button to answer) so I was like Ok, so he said why didn’t u answer you other phone?Are you okay?how’s your health?how’s studies? I miss you! I saw a guy & I thought he’s one of your old friends but he wasn’t..ok bye take care!!..i was barely able to say more than Ummm, Aha & Oh!  O_o the whole thing took 56 seconds!

 On the other hand, the girl broke up with me (not that it really matters anymore)..and i bit my lip by mistake while having it’s swollen 3 times its original size & hurts a lot T_T i tried ice – i hope it helps!
nothing’s good going on right now .. well i duno .. i’m meeting my best friend today .. she’s a real angel but she also has her problems & she’ll be helping me with mine .. and i feel guilty about it …

I had some interesting conversations on MSN last night but my junkpiece of a laptop froze and I lost them .. Bleh .. they’d have showed you how deranged & crazy I am .. well maybe next time >_< 

I’m downloading "Lost Highway" .. anyone out there likes David Lynch?! and .. btw .. if anyone out there got anything for Clan of Xymox and can send me some songs (or albums ~_^ ) via IM (msn or yahoo) please leave a comment & i’ll get back to you. Thx ! it’s hard to find their songs on the internet & the ones on emule are too slow..!

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