Slayer & Iron Maiden In Poland

loreta : hey dude
loreta : wanna go to a concert?
robonx007: yeah girl..sure..
loreta : slayer is gonna play in poland
loreta : some ppl are making a trip
robonx007: when is that?
loreta : hm
loreta : hold on
loreta : // Kelione i IRON MAIDEN –
robonx007: damn

DAMN is alright!!!!!

>> On June 30, Slayer are playing in Poland …

>> on May 29, Iron Maiden .. Kreator .. Nightwish .. Behemoth .. DragonForce .. Primal Fear & Frontside are playing in the MYSTIC festival (also  in Poland…) AND I CAN’T GO TO NEITHER  This sucks more than anything that ever sucked before i CAN get a Visa .. it’s no problem .. but the timing is bad .. and I don’t know anyone to go with me..No one  in my circle of “friends” even LIKES metal…let alone travelling just for a concert (but iam ready to do it) !!! i know a few people who like Metal but i don’t know them well enough to trust them on a trip like that, you………..dissapointed once near .. yet so far!!!!


It’s been almost 2 years since Iron Maiden visited Poland. And now they are here again!!! Iron Maiden, the greatest heavy metal band in the world, will be headlining Mystic Festival on Sunday 29th May at Silesia Stadium (Stadion Śląski), Chorzów!








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