First Entry

Well I just created this blog because I was bored & I like to share myself as well. It’s Sunday evening, raining outside and really quiet. My radio tuner is on Power Hit Radio. No one is on MSN or Yahoo!…Guess I’ll write an e-mail to my friends, study a bit & then watch White Noise.I heard good things about this movie so I’ll tell you what I think about it after I watch it.

Last night I went to my favorite club, EX-IT.Barry Gilbey was the guest & he was amazing as usual (I remember him from last year).He was pretty "high" too 😉 I can assure that. Here’s a pic of him I made with my phone cam.The T-shirt says "animal" which he probably is lol 😉 He drove everyone crazy by playing "When The Dawn Breaks", "Oxygen" & "I feel Love"…

Here’s Abbas, signing out for now


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  1. Lucy
    Apr 18, 2005 @ 14:58:44

    hi!! thanks for the feedback about my space!! yours is lookin great too!! nice and bright! good lad for goin into medicine!! XnursieX


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